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In my why I did not go to uni post I shared about self-directing my learning and trusting that my heart and curiosity would lead me to the things I wanted or needed in life. So far, it seems like it’s working and continues to do so.

When I heard about “coaching”, the thing that hooked me was self-directed learning. I’d been self-directing my learning all these years and I didn’t know there was a specific process to help engender it. I received a gifted coach training course from the MOE Foundation, for which I am eternally grateful for. And as an act of reciprocity, I offer coaching as a gift. I want to offer everything I do as a gift. I’ve received so much in life by way of gifts, and no doubt I will continue to do so. For me to feel in alignment with reality and to hold my integrity I cannot operate in a transaction model. But if paying-it-forward and creating a gift culture is not something you are ready to step into, then donations back to me are welcomed and appreciated.

What is Coaching?

Where do you want to be in six months? What about in a year, three years or ten years? Through coaching you’ll be given the space to discover and explore your deepest desires and what you need to do to get them.

Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.

“I don’t much care where–” said Alice.

“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.

Self-directed learning is the main principle of coaching. I don’t give advice. I don’t know what the best path is for you. Instead, I listen. I ask questions and I trust your core wisdom to discover your own path. Everything that comes up in these sessions will be your goals, your desires, your actions. All I’m doing is holding space for that emergence.

You’ll probably be speaking for the whole session. If appropriate, we can start with a few minutes of meditation, and also close with silence. I’ll direct the flow with questions. We might do certain exercises in the session if you think they’ll be useful. Think of these sessions as super productive conversations.

Each session will be 60 minutes, via skype or a phone call. Generally it’s a six session package, with an option to discuss more when we reach the last session. I offer one-off coaching sessions for all previous coachees after the initial six sessions as a way to get back in touch with what was learned and to continue longer term support but with less contact hours.

“I cannot teach anybody anything – I can only make them think” – Socrates

If this sounds like a process you’d like to begin, email me at and we can have a chat!

On Gift Ecology

When Lynne Twist asked Mother Teresa about her thoughts on fundraising, the response she got was: “Oh, I just pray. Whatever I get is what I need.” And that was Mother Teresa’s only strategy for sustaining 400 centers across 102 countries. From a distance, that seems like a mysterious anomaly, but perhaps finding security in money is actually what ought to be odd.

Across time and wisdom traditions, sages have always repeated a principle of nature: “It is in giving that you receive,” “Every seed produces many fruits,” “Nature produces water, before you experience thirst.” Exemplars like Saint Francis and Master Hsuan Hua set a very high bar with the example of their own lives. Gandhi and Vinoba Bhave also deeply understood this principle, and would send many promising change-makers, like Nirmala Deshpande, to remote regions of India, without any resources or connections or even a common language. “Take a broom, a scripture of your choice, and a musical instrument,” Vinoba would instruct them. Hands, head, heart.  Your security was the selflessness of that multi-dimensional service.

When we serve without expecting anything in return, people respond. All life responds. It creates a web of relationships that sustains us. Someone’s cup of gratitude, somewhere somehow, overflows to provide us what we need. We may not know exactly how the matrix of inter-connections creates that overflow, but if we can just understand that it does, we lay the foundation for what we’re calling Generosity Entrepreneurship.


“You used a series of interlinked questions that led to eureka moments. They layed out the connective properties of the process. It felt like you always knew the right next question to ask me and so it led me to have key realisations within myself.” – Dani

“… my favorite aspects of the coaching is that some how, some way, all of this was achieved with a smile on my face, I guess Liam always found a way for us digging deeper without making it seem like hard work or extremely complex. It appeared effortless :-).” – James

“To be very honest I had no idea how it would look like. I’ve heard about coaching but never in detail. I was fearing that maybe you will ask me some questions that I will not know the answer to. [That] happened :). As soon as it happened, and I had to find the way to answer them, which I wasn’t sure how to do, you directed me with more questions, which were revealing more details and brought me to the very core of what I’ve been fearing of. Not knowing the answer was only the result of avoiding the right question: what do I really want in life? The more detailed the question, the more detailed the answer, which was giving me more exact picture of how to get where I want to be. Amazingly simple, yet genius way of working with a fear :)”  – Maja

“I really liked the emphasis Liam places on self directed learning and reflection during the sessions as opposed to just giving advice, as I believe it’s taught me to talk myself in the right way, which is something we don’t always know how to do and desperately need to do more of. Through the process of opening up about all the things we usually suppress and bottle up I found the core reasons why I ultimately do the things I do.” – Sveta

“He didn’t just teach me meditation, he taught a way of life that took me out of a dark place and demonstrably improved my outlook on things. His good nature and kind heart rub off on all those he encounters.” – Ben

“Honestly Liam, i have so much shitty stuff from childhood of trust and love, especially self-compassion. You have helped me so much by your meditation practice. I have been able to ground myself, reflect, sit with my pain and embrace them.” – Anonymous

“For many years, and worse and worse over the years, I have ran away from doing any internal work on myself. I have not been able to start doing a practice of yoga, meditation, exercise… because I guess I was too scared to look inside and risk to see that I just had to go back to the Ardeche. So this meditation Saturday shows me that I can have this anytime. It shows me that I can make my body and my mind be the Ardeche at all times, or at least mostly 😊.

I want to be here in the UK, I feel like this is where my life should focus right now. Later down the line I will see but for now it is all about here. And Saturday’s meditation has not only showed me all of this that I had never come to realise for 16 years that I have been here, but it gave me such a sense of well-being that created a huge imprint/memory, that my mind and my body both are now craving to get back to. I guess some could call it an EPIPHANY 😄😉” – Stephanie

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