Developing a Daily Mindfulness Habit

UPDATE 06/06/16: WE ARE FULL. Please email me directly if you think you have a spot but are not sure – ***

Hey all,

I’m organising another one day mindfulness retreat. The tentative theme is ‘Developing a Daily Habit’. We’ll create a space to meditate, share challenges we have about meditation, useful tips, and how we can support each other in the practice.

I’ve found a lot of value in developing a daily meditation practice myself. I started running these one day events last summer and they’ve been a great way for me to share the practice, and also get experience organising and leading mindfulness events. In October this year I’ll also be doing a formal mindfulness teacher training so expect more one-day events, courses and online things in the future :-).

You can check out pictures from previous events here and here.

Sunday 12th June 2016
10:00am to 4:30pm

62 Fieldgate Street
E1 1ES

Brief Outline

The workshop is offered in the spirit of a gift. If you feel inclined, you can make a contribution on the day. I’ll also be experimenting with an exercise on alternative forms of currency.

Please RSVP by filling out the registration form below, or emailing me

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From Previous Participants:

“Overall, I thought it was an AMAZING experience that was worth going to and I have gained a lot of knowledge about meditation which I am going to use in various points in my life at university.”

“BUBBLES!!!!! It was a very good idea indeed as the idea of being more self aware and realising how much space there is is very applicable to everyday life such as your laptop and your phone as in the modern day we are very focused on one point”

“The eye-gazing exercise was both the most challenging yet at the same time the most rewarding experience out of all. This was an entirely new practice to me and I was admittedly terrified at the start. I enjoyed the fact that it combined various elements of mindfulness that we explored prior to starting this, ie the loving-kindness meditation plus silent communication and connection. Looking back, it seems almost unbelievable that only one minute was spent gazing into each person’s eyes as the concept of time was dropped in that short moment, along with social barriers, communication barriers and the concept of the ‘self’, especially in the social sense, was challenged. In other words, it was no longer a mere interaction between X and Y and their identities and characters in relation to each other, but rather a shared, raw moment which celebrated what unifies us as human beings.. #profound”

“Feelings of joy, acceptance, curiosity, and inquisitiveness. I felt comfortable to take part in all activities, and felt very comfortable with all the people there by the end of the day; I’ve met some awesome people today!”