No. Because Not Yes

At a recent circle with Alan Webb from (which is a brilliant idea and something I’d like to write about in the future) we all shared a similar conflict of doing too much. There was so much going on in our lives – all incredible projects, but we were spreading ourselves too thin.

When I spoke in the circle, I shared my difficulty in saying no to things without giving a reason. Or at least a reason that I felt was “good enough”. There’s a fat conditioning in me that doesn’t want to disappoint others, and so I feel I need a “good enough” excuse when I decline someone. Often my reasons are simply because I don’t want to – or that I’d rather stay at home and meditate that evening or do something alone. As I write this now, I know those are in fact perfectly legitimate reasons. And even no reason is perfectly legitimate. So this short blogpost is a simple reminder that:

It’s absolutely OK to say, “No. Because not yes”.


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