What I’m Doing Now

I’m in London, UK, focusing on these things:

I’m currently house sitting at my dear friends’ home (Nisha and Anil) until mid March. Then in early April I’m in Italy with Lama Alan for the 8 week retreat. So happy to be able to attend this in-person :-). I’m using this time to continue earnest retreat practice but also to study a lot more and catch up on some writing. I’m remembering the importance of deep work and long periods of uninterrupted flow so the creativity can emerge.

I’m practicing intermittent fasting too, especially after I read Amen-Ra’s literature. There’s a certain period after I’ve fasted for a while where I feel ‘in the zone’. This incredible mental clarity and alertness appears. It’s wonderful.

Even though I’m in London, I’m not seeing many friends or attending social events/circles right now. There’s a lot of writing I want to do and it feels so precious to have that creative space. I’m also struggling with how to action some of the changes I know I need to make in my life after my two month retreat.


See my goals list for long-term aspirations.


Last update: 13th Feb 2018.

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