4 Simple But Nuanced Health Tips

1. Sunbathe

The nuance is to do it all the time. Not all at once for one week in the middle of summer on the south coast of Spain. As spring starts, begin sunbathing. Take your clothes off and bask in the sun as much as possible.

Like this you start working up a tan before the full strength of summer sun hits.

Our bodies have natural mechanisms for protecting us. One of them is tanning.

The sun is not dangerous. Sunlight hitting our skin helps with the production of vitamin D.

The danger is getting sunburnt. You get sunburnt when you spend all spring indoors and then take a one week holiday in Ibiza and spend 6+ hours on the beach in full sunlight.

Start building your tan as early in the year as possible.

2. Take Cod Liver Oil

Especially for excellent teeth and gum health. This stuff literally reversed my tooth decay.

The nuance is to make sure you buy excellent quality cod liver oil. The cheap stuff in a clear plastic bottle can oxidise easily which may lead to more harm than good.

The video I reference below also showed that some store bought oils contained aldehydes in them, which are very dangerous for your body.

The brand I use is Green Pastures Royal Blend. This is a blend of fermented cod liver oil with butter oil that contains Weston Price’s Activator X. I have found Oceans Alive to sell the oils for the cheapest prices.

Tip: don’t buy the capsules, buy the liquid version. You get far more oil for the same price.

3. Go for INTENSITY instead duration when exercising

We’re all busy people. Rather than spend 30 minutes jogging a few miles. Do a 3 minute workout at full intensity.

This requires far less time and appears to be even be better for you.

4. Intermittent Fast

The nuance here is to fast for at least 18 hours. The sweet spot is between 18-24 hours.

So if you intermittently fast for only 16 hours at a stretch, you are not getting the benefits that are just two hours away.

In my own self-observations I do notice a difference around this mark. Something shifts in my body around this mark that makes me feel greater mental alertness. I feel more of a flow-state.

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