3x Speed Listening Audiobooks

I recently got an audible subscription. I’ve been listening to books at 3x speed after hearing Craig Wright say that’s what he does.

3x speed?!

I thought it would be very difficult. Though I had gotten into the habit of listening to most youtube videos at 2x speed.

Audible has a neat feature of 0.1 gradations. So I started with 2.1x then 2.2x, 2.3x etc.

I’d move back down if the speed felt too quick. Then move it back up again.

With some practice it feels fine to listen at 3x speed now. Although I can’t multitask. I have to give my full attention to listening.

Audible actually goes up to 3.5x. I’m trying the same thing beyond 3x, starting with 3.1x and moving upwards. It’s fine depending on the book I am reading and how dense it is.

Anyway I’m really enjoying this. It gives me two primary benefits:

  1. It’s easier to keep to the 1 book per week habit. I can listen while commuting, working out etc.
  2. I can reduce close-up work time to ease strain on eyesight

Audiobooks on audible are pricey. I’ve just been using credits so far, which works out at £6 per book. Although they have a very generous refund policy too.

I might try another audiobook subscription that does unlimited books for a monthly fee. Like a Netflix but for audiobooks. Audible seems to have the largest collection of books for now though.