Curation vs. Writing

Do I actually need to write? 

How much of what I write is writing new ideas versus a rehash of old ideas? 

But the latter is writing, isn’t it? When I take separate ideas and weave them together in a new way. Standing on the shoulders of giants so I can look further beyond. 

For example some separate ideas I could weave together: 

I guess I’m not exactly sure where the line between curating and writing actually is. Curating is more a collecting and then sharing as it is – without trying to fuse it together with a separate idea. 

The Habit of Reading

I realise though that more important than curating or writing, Is reading. 

The more I read, the greater the pool with which I have for “memes to mate and reproduce”. 

Deliberate reading was the most important skill I started to cultivate when I was 16. Buying non-fiction books with government money was the best investment I ever made. 

I’ve lost it a little since. It picked up during my six month retreat, but it’s since waned again. 

I want to apply deep work principles to reading. 

Reading is a skill. And it’s an incredibly valuable one. So few people have actually cultivated reading as a skill. Yet the ones who have, have made outsized returns from their investment. 

Reading. Studying. Quizzes. Memorising. Learning. Connecting. Sharing. Writing. Debating. 

But it all starts with reading. 

There are also audiobooks nowadays. I can usually speed listen at 2x, depending on the topic. I can binge speed listen easily. Though I ought to make flash cards or do quizzes about what I’m listening so it doesn’t immediately get forgotten. 

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