No More Whying

I’m a thinker. 


T = Thinking. 

I love thinking. I think a lot. 

I’m usually a very slow thinker.

There are benefits. But, in general, I think too much. Often I  think so much that I end up forever thinking and not taking any action.

I’m always asking why why why?

I ask why so much that any time I have a tingle to take action on something, it ends up being decimated by the barrage of why’ing doubts. 

Yes I get it. Knowing your why is important. But it is also bloody endless. 

There’s no end to the questioning. There’s always another why to ask. 

At some point I just have to stop.


And do. Take action. Make the phone call. Hit the publish button. Do the workout. Jump in the ocean.

It’s the little actions done every day that matter. 

Let the why be non-conceptual. Let the why be a deep somatic feeling. Let the why form naturally as a consequence of action.

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