Exceptional Physical Health

Right now I’m reading a lot about food and health. From plant-based diets to a meat-only diet, to paleo and ketogenic diets to fruitarians.

There’s always exceptions to the rule. But what kinds of food will lead to exceptional physical health for most human beings?

One hypothesis I have is that humans are by and large meant to have exceptional physical health. Again there are always exceptions. But the majority of us were meant to have excellent health for the majority of our lives.

Yet today, it is the opposite.

It’s normal to be fat. How is that OK?!

In the 1930s in America, there were adverts like these running in newspapers:

Adverts to encourage women to gain weight! What on earth happened in the few decades since?

Here’s a pretty good answer IMO:

Dr. Ted Naiman in this video spoke about how a company specialising in creating rodent chow designed to make rats as fat as possible as fast as possible has the same macro ratios as Americans daily intake. Check out the fact sheet for this rodent chow. Note especially the ‘Key Features’ heading ‘Diet Induced Obesity’.

Now why are American diets so similar to rodent chow? I wonder if it’s got anything to do with the FDA hammering this food pyramid propaganda worldwide:

Base of the pyramid is carbs carbs carbs. Protein is nearer the top of the pyramid. They seem to have gotten the fats sort of right. But the whole fearmongering about saturated fats seems out of place.

So if you are fat, how similar is your current diet to the fat-inducing rat chow?

Our society is a joke. Terence McKenna was speaking truth when he said, “Society is not your friend”.

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