This is post #17 of the 30-day writing challenge. One lesson so far is an appreciation of getting things done. No post is ever finished. No post is ever perfect. Perfection isn’t a static state – there is no static state. Perfection is more about infinite improvement. An infinite spiral towards perfection.

Often I get caught up seeking this illusory perfection. Not finding it, I don’t take action. It’s a mental block – a trap even. I start writing a post but stall out because I’m stuck halfway with a paragraph not sounding right. Then I get distracted by new writing ideas, so I start a new post. The same thing repeats. I end up with a backlog of unfinished posts.

I’ve had the habit of taking notes on almost everything I read for several years. I also have a habit of noting down new ideas when they come to mind. The habit I lack however is how to execute. To work till completion, not perfection. An attitude of ‘good enough for now’ and posting it publicly.

I love this tweet by Tiago Forte:

Action leads to perfection. It generates new learnings that lead to greater perfection. If I pine after perfection without action, I stagnate. I fester towards greater imperfection.

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