Follow Through

For a while I’ve been in a state of limbo where I did not want to make a decision about which direction I wanted to focus my life on.  After I wrote Decide Now, the Why Will Come Later I’ve been moving towards living a life of quick (but not rash) decisions.

At this eighth meeting I wanted to ask how we could maintain this decision after we have made it. How do we follow through with what we have decided?

After some discussion we came up with these four must-haves to fulfilling our decisions:

1)   What you do must be necessary

2)   You must be able to see improvements from the beginning

3)   Your source of motivation has to be strong

4)   You must be able to apply what you learn

The decision I’ve made is to study Spanish. I have made this necessary by going public about it and setting a challenge I have made it necessary to achieve this goal.

Every day I’m learning new words. I read faster in Spanish and I understand more and more of the news. My conversations with Christian are becoming more natural. I am seeing improvements every day and that is fuelling me.

In the meeting I said that look you see on a person’s face when you start speaking to them in their native language has created such a strong feeling in me that it’s formed the foundation of my motivation to learn languages.

I am planning to go to Spain (or another Spanish speaking country) for a few months after Easter, and that is when I will apply it. However I am already applying what I have learned by using the Spanish in my journal, reading Spanish books (that I wanted to read in English anyway) and I’ll be posting a blogpost in Spanish too.

These four points are far from exhaustive, but they’re pretty decent. Have you decided on something to focus on? How are you making sure you stay focus on it?

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