Attention is the Gatekeeper of Knowledge

In the past, knowledge was hard to access. University was only for a select few – limited by wealth or by class. Even books at one time were rare and difficult to come by.

Today knowledge is easy to access. Books, videos, courses, podcasts, groups, forums. There’s an abundance.

If I want to learn to code, I can easily find a course online. I can find experts on the topic who I can reach out to and ask questions. I can form an online circle of peers to study with. A lot of this can even be done for free.

Knowledge now is so abundant that it has become overwhelming. The choice we have is paralysing. A distracted mind has become the norm.

More so than ever, attention is the gatekeeper of knowledge. When we can choose what we want to attend to, anything is possible.

Yet, what we are up against are the billion dollar budgets of multinational corporations. The attention economy is alive and well. Attention engineers are constantly designing ways to disempower and distract. Training your attention today is a form of necessary self-defense.

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