An Olympic Gold Medal

1. Do I really want to win an Olympic gold medal?

Why? x3

2 Do I believe I can win an Olympic gold medal?

This belief is my choice. There is no reason to believe I cannot. Deciding to believe I can’t is a choice. It is a stupid choice.

If I believe I cannot do something, most often it is not because I am unable to but because I do not want it badly enough. Go back to 1.

3. How will I win an Olympic gold medal?

I need a strategy. A path. I’ll need a coach and/or mentor – the best in the world would be great. I’ll need inspiring, supportive and honest peers. People who hold me accountable, challenge me and are unafraid of giving me feedback. This is the long grind. If/when the going gets tough, remember 1.

win = achieve/discover/realise
Olympic gold medal = Buddhahood
1. = bodhichitta

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