Guru Yoga

Here’s a story of Dudjom Lingpa and his disciple Jigme. I found it in a booklet a friend received at a weekend retreat many years ago. Dudjom Lingpa is referred to as Tertön Rinpoche in this story. Tröma teachings involve a practice of visualisation.

He had a disciple called Jigme, who was studying his Tröma teachings. Rinpoche put him into retreat and told him to practice Tröma. After several months he came out and Rinpoche asked him, “What did you find out?” Jigme said, “Oh, it was not impossible to see the face of the Tröma. I saw her. But in all the course of the practice I could not help but think of your kindness, and infinite compassion. I was overwhelmed with feelings of respect.” Hearing this, Tertön Rinpoche got so angry that he almost beat him, and responded, “You did not achieve the purpose of the practice. Go back again.”

On the second occasion when Jigme returned from retreat Tertön Rinpoche again questioned him, “Now what did you discover?” This time Jigme answered, “I discovered that your compassion is almost the same as myself: I am beginning to mingle the oneness of you and me, but I see that the root of all this wisdom manifestation comes directly from you. I see you as the embodiment of all the teachings.” Again Dudjom Lingpa got very angry and told him to go back into retreat.

On his third return Jigme did not even bow to Tertön Rinpoche, but came swaggering in, stuck his finger on the Tertön’s chest and said, “There is no such thing as you a Tertön, and no such thing as me” At that, Tertön Rinpoche smiled and said, “Now you have understood the nature of the teaching.”

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