Now is 15th November 2019

I feel excited.

In 2018 I quit teaching mindfulness so I could focus on deepening my personal meditation practice. I went to Spain for a six month retreat. In June I came out of retreat. It’s November now and I am still finding my feet. The retreat was much harder to digest than I thought. I’ve changed a lot.

I’m halfway through a 30-day writing challenge. The daily posts are helping me re-establish a writing habit. I’m also working on longer essays to explore topics that are close to my heart.

One of these topics is BitCoin, which is helping me learn a ton about how the world works. From the central banking system to sybil attacks, economics, online psyop campaigns, capitalism, law and game theory. It’s a crazy world. Quite a contrast to studying Buddhism and meditation. I’m excited because I see a world of sunshine being built. A world of transparency, meritocracy and freedom from usury. I’ve also been beta testing BitCoin apps like Twetch, UptimeSV and I’m tempted to learn to code.

Another topic is the ethics of meat eating. After three years of being a veggie, I’m eating meat again. I’ve never felt healthier. It feels important for me to write about this. I care about the suffering of animals. I care about truth. I care about the health of humanity. There were risks I wasn’t fully aware of when I became veggie. And as I dive deeper into the ethics, I realise I might have made a wrong decision.

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