Now is 6th May 2020


After two+ months being in India during lockdown. I had three weeks where I manage to do some travelling – with great friends from Spain and the UK. Then the lockdown happened and we were all stuck at ESI, a retreat centre in Ahmedabad.

Not a bad place to be locked down at all. But I never got to visit the Himalayas and Guru Rinpoche’s caves in Sikkim, which was the main purpose of the trip.

Kasia, Mariela, Xema, me, Pancho, Jose, Marta and Ari
Holi festival in Ahmedabad

India is crazy. In a good way, I think. My first day I was meant to be picked up at the airport by Jose. But I couldn’t get Wifi or mobile data on my phone. I waited 25minutes. The taxi drivers haggling me eventually won my business. I got into a taxi and the driver said he was sure he knew where it was. We drove around in circles for a while. At one point he bombed down a highway. Stopped. Asked for directions. Then went back on the highway – but on the same side we came from. Four lanes of oncoming traffic and us driving right towards them.

I’ve also never felt like a king before. In India, you get treated like one. “Guest is God!” is the mantra. And boy do they really mean it. We were greeted at a village that knew we were visiting with a camel ride and lines of hundreds of people cheering us as we entered the village pulled by a camel.

When we got to the village, swarms of people wanted to shake our hands and say hello. We were then greeted with a bindu put on our foreheads and a garland of flowers draped over us. Crazy! The Indians know the art of hospitality.

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