Be a homeless bum, and be OK about it. Hit rock bottom. Beg for money. Seek shelter in McDonalds. Take sink showers in public toilets.

Be a nobody. Be worse than that – be the scum of society.

Stay there until you feel equanimous with your new status. Where you feel OK being a nobody for the rest of your life. Negative prestige. No spouse. No job. No career. No house. No money.

When you are OK with that, do the opposite.

Get a job. Get married.. Start a company. Be super productive. Become a millionaire. Have kids. Buy a Tesla. Live in a house with an immaculate lawn.

Keep accumulating until you feel OK with your new status. Where you no longer feel a grasping attachment when you buy a shiny toy. You neither hate it, nor do you love it. It is what it is.

Experiencing both is important. Hit the two extremes and find the middle way.

Then you can really play.

One response to “Be OK”

  1. Satish Kulkarni says:

    Lifd is too short to experience both extremes.

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