Second Brain

Whenever you read an article or book, save the link and whatever notes or highlights you make about it. Do the same for podcasts, videos and anything else you might read, see or listen to.

Every conversation you have with someone, make notes about it afterwards and save it. Every meaningful life event, write about it briefly and save those notes. Every thought or idea that feels important to you, jot them down.

Put all these notes in the same place. Make sure they are digital notes so you can use the search function later. If you like writing by hand, scan your handwritten notes.

After a few months, your second brain will be developing nicely. People will be astounded by your memory. You’ll be able to retrieve links from old but super useful articles you’ve read. You’ll be able to remember things people said years ago. You’ll be an even more amazing friend, employee, entrepreneur, father, mother, spouse, citizen and lover even.

Right now I use the Notes app on my iPhone/Mac and I use Liner for highlighting articles online. I read almost all of my books on Books or the Kindle app. I can export my highlights when I finish. People have also said good things about Evernote, Instapaper and Notion.

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