The average UK salary is £29k per year. If you earn £1million/year, you can hire 34 people a year full-time (probably a little less given other costs).

At £100million/year, you can hire 3400 people full-time.

At £1billion/year, 34,000 people.

There are around 2000 billionaires worldwide. The richest man in the world is said to be Jeff Bezos, with $100billion to his name.

But imagine if those statistics were wrong. Imagine if trillionaires existed today.

£1trillion = £1000billion

If we ignore the potential for earning interest or dividends, £1trillion could hire 34 million people for a year, or 3.4 million people for 10 years, or 340,000 people for 100 years. What sort of influence could you have on the world?

How many people does it take to create 100 movies a year?

How many people does it take to create content for 20 different news organisations?

How many teachers does it take to educate 100,000 students?

Now if you are a trillionaire, what sort of friends would you have? Trillionaire friends probably. What would happen if a group of trillionaires decided to work together? And if you were a trillionaire part of a trillionaire group, would you want people to know?

Do trillionaires exist?

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