Yogi Job Description

This is a sample job description for a yogi. Currently there are many unfilled positions for yogis, bodhisattvas and buddhas. Please email for a job application.

Yogi Job Responsibilities:

Dedicates one’s entire life for the benefit of living beings in order to discover the causes of suffering and happiness. To make direct observations about the nature of reality and report back to the public. Greater responsibilities dependent upon levels of realisation.

Yogi Job Duties:

Yogi Skills and Qualifications:

Be physiologically and mentally fit. The ideal candidate would have achieved shamatha or be dedicating time to achieving it. It is a requirement to have aspiring bodhichitta.

One response to “Yogi Job Description”

  1. Yogi says:

    I’d like to apply. Unlike most job positions, I don’t expect set working hours or a set office location, this is mainly because I have already seen through the constructs of time and space 😉

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